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tantric sex technique

the 3 basic tantra tantric sex technique categories

(Warning - There are serious karmic consequences to using a tantra tantric sex“pick up line” just to impress (or get sex from) people who are spiritually oriented. )

The 3 basic tantra tantric sex technique categories are:

    • Type 1 - the “give and receive method” -  This tantra tantric sex technique involves the couple sharing their "energies" during sex.  Think of it like a circle of energy - an electrical circuit if you will.  The couple can also "tap into" the energies of the Earth and the Universe/Spirit (which then feeds more energy into this "circuit", and the energy builds and grows).  This type of tantra tantric sex technique benefits both partners.  That is the basis of the method we recommend and teach.

    • Type 2 - the “take” method -  In this tantra tantric sex technique, one partner uses the power of their mind (through visualization) to take advantage of the other, essentially "sucking" and “hogging” all the sexual and "life energy" (reiki) for themselves. This was primarily done by men in some cultures, but women have been known to do it also, draining a man's energy to "stay young".

    • Type 3 - the "modern" methods - Many new tantra tantric sex technique methods have cropped up in the last 40 years. Created by teachers who have no legitimate training or background (other than "certificates" from someone with no training or background), they may still call it tantra, tantric sex, tantric yoga, tantra yoga, or whatever, but they are really "(E) - none of the above".   

      New methods are often justified by their creators, as filling a need for adapting a traditional tantric sex technique "for modern times and western civilization". There is a need for that.  Yet if they've  never had any traditional training, what can they "adapt"?  They can't adapt something they never had in the first place.  But we can - and have.

      While some new so-called tantric sex techniques are just uneducated modifications of real techniques, they are often total "fabrications".  In either case, they were "come up with" by someone who read books about tantra tantric sex, or learned it from someone else who also didn't really know anything about it/lacked any traditional education or training.

      Such methods and teachers can be harmful, and even dangerous. We've heard some real horror stories about these "modern style" tantra teachers who were using their positions just to get sex and manipulate people.

      (Note: The above doesn't necessarily apply to spiritually oriented "sex therapists".  There are some people who don't teach traditional tantra tantric sex, haven't studied it really, but
      work with sexuality in other ways.  They may be sincere, and want to help people with their blocks.  It can have validity for sexual/emotional sensitivity training, sexual openness training, etc., but not traditional tantra tantric sex training.)

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