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What is involved in learning Primal Power tantra tantric sex?

If you choose traditional training, it will involve daily intercourse, if possible.  You can do modified training, though, and just practice it whenever you can.  

Training for men, is different than training for women. 

Women primarily learn to develop visualization skills, energy flowing, letting go, and more intense & longer orgasms.  

Women also need to learn to be sensitive to when a male is about to have an orgasm, and help him learn to transcend and control it, so you can both have the greater experiences that tantra tantric sex offers. 

Males learn similar visualizations, and learn to experience their  female partner's orgasms.  But first, males must learn to conquer and control their orgasms. 

As we all know from experience, many males tend to "think" with their “little head” rather than their big one.  It virtually controls their life.  Most men are totally preoccupied and obsessed with sex.  Also, to most men, the entire point of sex, and often the entire point of a relationship, is to have an orgasm. Ironically, that all contributes to them not having as great a sexual experience as they could have, and not being as great a lover as they could be.  But it can become so much more for them, and their partners, with a little work.

Thus, for males, developing control over their focus on, and desire for, and orgasm, is where “primal power” tantra tantric sex training starts.  Along with developing the energy and visualization skills that "supercharge" sex, and add a whole new dimension to it - and to orgasms.  It takes a little practice and discipline at first, but the rewards are incredible. 

So briefly, the early training involves orgasmic discipline, along with energy visualization.  

To understand more about the psychology behind sexuality, and the differences between men & women, read "Sex & the Spiritual Guy (or Woman)".  For details and instructions in tantra tantric sex, also read, "Primal Power" tantra tantric sex. 

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